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A major issue facing the entrepreneurial world is that startups deal with too many challenges and are limited with resources, access to capital, and sadly, up-to-date industry knowledge.


The good news for hardware startups is that Startup Launchpad has an incredible track record for success. Leveraging the greatest asset of a global distribution network of 60,000+ buyers from Global Sources (NASDAQ:GSOL) in favor of exhibiting startups, Startup Launchpad is the one and only event of its kind. For startups, it is the ultimate business tool, even more so than the internet itself.

Startup Launchpad is critical to the survival of most hardware startups

If a startup wishes to validate their product and receive meaningful feedback, they cannot afford to not exhibit at this show. Startup Launchpad provides startups with a golden opportunity for real feedback, real opportunity for sales, and an opportunity to be seen as a player in the market.

The individuals who attend the exhibition (approximately 60,000 individuals) are the same individuals who place large orders of inventory for their home countries. Their feedback about your product is critical for your progress.

These individuals are the ultimate decision makers who drop hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase merchandise. They hold the power to keep you in business and flourish, or deny you profit.


Most Hardware Startups Fail at Distribution because:

  1. They are unable to cross the chasm
  2. They do not understand the importance of international expansion
  3. Are unable to identify correct distribution partners
  4. Do not have a holistic marketing approach – online and offline
  5. Spend too much time on only one product


Here's How Startup Launchpad Can Help

Showcase Your Startup to 63,000 Global Buyers

68% of startup exhibitors used Startup Launchpad to get access to over 63,000 global retailers from 127 markets. With the greatest variety of hardware to date, Startup Launchpad attracts quality buyers, distributors and retailers to Hong Kong and offers unparalleled opportunities to international market.


Meet the Top 100 Retailers in the World

Looking to go global? You’ll be delighted with this face-time opportunity with some of the world’s largest retailers and distributors. You can either meet with them 1 on 1 to learn how to break into a specific retail outlet, or pitch to a room full of our VIP buyers and generate interest for your product.



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5 questions and solutions that startups should consider very seriously

1. Would exposing your startup to the world’s largest global community of buyers benefit you?

Startup Launchpad is a platform for 60,000 global buyers, distributors and retailers to discover innovative hardware startups.

If a startup wishes to generate leads in order to convert to sales, Startup Launchpad is an opportunity of a lifetime. Why? Because the audience is attracted from the 60,000 attendees of the Global Sources tradeshow that takes place in April and October of every year at the Asia World Expo in Hong-Kong. This audience is the world’s most active buyer-community for global distributors & retailers. They come from 146 countries and are looking for products that suite their home markets. Wal- Mart, Li & Fung, and Brookstone are just a few examples..

2. Will the involvement in an actively growing startup community benefit your startup?

Startup Launchpad is growing in size and geographic influence.

This exhibition was initially local and small in size, 33 companies, with startups from Hong-Kong and Shenzhen. The April 2016 event exhibited over 100 startups from Hong-Kong, Shenzhen, Korea, and Japan. The coming October 2016 event will exhibit over 200 startups from all of the mentioned countries, as well as startups from Israel, Taiwan, Indonesia, and more regions are to be determined shortly. 95% of the companies greatly benefited and will personally recommend the experience.

3. Would better options for manufacturing benefit your product’s competitiveness in the market?

Startup Launchpad provides startups with access to over 3,500 verified manufacturers.

Manufacturing is one of the most difficult and complex aspects of launching hardware products, costing startups tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars with an unpredictable timeframe, throwing a real monkey-wrench in the operation. Engineering is also never easy, quality control gets very tricky very quickly, and the process itself is simply draining. Startup Launchpad understands this issue too well and offers exhibitors wishing to explore alternative manufacturing solutions to get introduced to numerous manufacturers during the event.

4. How would you advance your startup’s position in a 1-on-1 meeting with the buyer of...Brookstone?

Startup Launchpad provides select startups with an opportunity to meet with some
of the world’s largest retailers and distributors 1-on-1.

Launchpad sets up individual sourcing rooms (private meeting rooms) for select startups to get 1-on-1 interaction with the primary buyers from the largest retailers and distributors in the world. These opportunities are…well, priceless to most! Founders are provided the opportunity to learn numerous requirements necessary to get products onto the shelves of the giants. The insight into the supply chain management will inevitably shape the design and production of your product. And regardless of outcomes, the lessons from these buyers are well-worth the experience. Keep in touch and maximize the opportunity for future business development.

5. Will the affiliation with a proven-tracked and trusted brand contribute to future transactions?

Startup Launchpad has world-class partners and sponsors.

Startup Launchpad is supported by Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, KPMG, Cyberport, InvestHK, The University of Hong-Kong’s Entrepreneurship Academy,, Vectr Ventures, Brink, Nest, Blueprint, Cocoon, JumpStart, PaperClip, W-Hub and many more influential organizations in the region.

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